Cyclocross Checklist

Half the battle of competing in cyclocross is being prepared for any situation. Course conditions can range from dry and fast, to wet and muddy, to snowy and slippery. Being fully prepared on race day will give you the leg up on your competition. Below is the full checklist of what I take to each and every race, you never know what mother nature will throw at you at the last minute.

First things first always remember your Racing License! Next...

Cycling Clothing
Cycling Cap
Helmet Liner
Winter Hat
Eyewear with multiple lens tints
Skin Suits - Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and Long Sleeve Thermal
Jersey - Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve
Thermal Jacket
Rain Jacket
Rain Pants
Baselayer - Sleeveless Mesh, Long Sleeve, and Windfront Long Sleeve
Bib Shorts - Regular and Thermal
Leg Warmers
Warm-Up Tights
Gloves - Light, Medium and Heavy
Socks - 4 pairs
Shoes with toe studs and toe spikes for various conditions
Waterproof Shoe Covers
Recovery Wear - Socks and Tights

Body Care and Nutrition
Towels - Hand towels and full size for post race clean-up
Breath Right Nasal Strips
Contour EMS System
Embrocation - Oils and Creams
Wash Lotion
Water Bottle
Energy Drink
Recovery Drink
Energy Bars
Safety Pins

Spare Wheels or Tires - Be prepared with tires suited for wet or dry conditions

Pit Kit 
Tire Gauge
Zip Ties
Toe Strap
Tire Boot
Waterproof Gloves
Spray Lube
Tire Sealant and Syringe
Lube - Wet and Dry
Nuts and Bolts - Various Sizes
Derailleur Hanger
Seatpost Clamp
Quick Connect Chain Link
Brake Pads
Chainring Bolts
Bar-end Plugs
Air Gun / Tire Pump
Cables and Housing - Brake and Derailleur
Electrical Tape
Chain Tool
Tape Measure
Allen Wrenches
Torque Wrench
Torx Wrenches - T-25 and T-30
Side Cutters
Screwdriver - Flat and Phillips head
Needle Nose Pliers
Spoke and Wheel Specfic Tools
Box Wrenches - 10mm, 13mm, 15mm
Cassette Removal Tool
Dummiy rear axle
Tooth Brush
Dental Pick
12" Adjustable Wrench
Bottle Opener
Cog Brush

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