Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year

Hello again. It's been well over a year since I really felt like writing. Probably because I'm just too interested in the micro-blogging of Twitter and image sharing of Instagram. We are a society that thrives on the instantaneous.

Hopefully I can change that and find the desire to comment on things a little more frequently this year.

Where I'm at...

As has been the norm the last three years, I'm in final prep for Cyclocross Nationals this year in Austin, TX. Preparations are on track and I'm looking forward to leaving the cold temps of Nebraska behind for a week.

Looking ahead, there's a new team on the horizon for me that I'm super excited for. I'm more than ready to set aside my personal aspirations and throw everything in to helping teammates achieve their goals. And no, I'm not moving away from Trek CXC.

Where I've been...

It's been a good year of racing for me. I took a step back from racing over the summer and focused solely on cyclocross. This final week is bound to be a good one.

Returning to Champions Park, site of the 2013 Masters World Championship

Finally finding my legs winning all three days at Jingle Cross in Iowa City

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