Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Louisville Day 2

After opting out of the soggy grass field that is the expo/team area, Tom and I got an early start and got a prime position just off a nice abandoned hardpacked rail line. The course opened at 9am for pre-rides and Tom and I were ready to go.

The course was heavier than I expected but pretty rideable. The fun started when midway through our pre-ride some of the Belgian U-23 riders showed up. Right away I notice one of the riders was Michael Vanthournhout. I had some fun following them as we yo-yo'd back and fourth for a couple laps. Eventually the UCI officials caught wind of them on the course and promptly removed them. It was interesting to see how they picked their lines and drove their bikes.

After a good hour on the course I got cleaned up and ready to pit for Tom in his seeding race. Heat number one saw Gunnar Shogren just edge out Steve Tilford. Tom had a good ride with no problems (bike wise) and finished 3rd in heat number two. Good enough for a front row call up for the final.

Tomorrow will be pretty interesting as the forecast is for two inches of rain and high winds overnight with temps in the 50's. The rain should make the track a little faster as today it was goopie like wet concrete. After tomorrow though the temps will start to drop and end up around freezy for both Tom and mines finals.

Getting pretty pumped, this is going to be fun.

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