Monday, January 28, 2013

Louisville Day 1

Had an interesting day in Louisville. Tom and I got an early start and rolled into Champions Park a little before noon. We started off on the wrong foot getting the Sprinter stuck in the mud. Nothing a few wood chips couldn't take care of thanks to the city of Louisville parks department.

We got our next shock when we found out that USAC had no information regarding our team parking. After some phone calls we started to get things worked out and were told we had to wait until the following morning to set up. Not a good option considering the time coincided with our only time to practice.

So what do you do when things need a reset. You go ride your bike. First we did a quick course walk. Things look good and the course should be a good one. After we kitted up and headed out. Had a nice ride up the River Road and checked out the Elite venue at Eva Bandman park.

The highlight was crossing paths with not only Neils Albert, who was out motorpacing, but also Kevin Pauwels and Klaas Vantornout. Pretty crazy seeing these guys when you're just out for an easy spin. Surreal.

By the time we returned from our ride there were quite a few cars in the grass field adjacent to the race course. The increased traffic was showing the weakness of parking in the expo/team area. In fact we sat back and watched another Sprinter get stuck no fewer than three times.

At this point, Tom and I made the call to pull the plug on parking in team area and will now just get to the venue early and grab a good parking spot and set up tents each day. Should work out pretty well with just two of us.

After we headed to registration and rolled the dice on our random call-up for our seeding races on Tuesday and Wednesday. It couldn't have played out much better as Tom drew #14 and I #11. Those draws will get each of us on the front row for each of our heat races. Hopefully the odds will be in our favor the rest of week.

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