Thursday, October 4, 2012

Race Report: Flatwater Twilight CX #1

The Lincoln Industries Flatwater Twilight Cyclocross Series kicked off in Lincoln last night. The Van Dorn park course was hard and fast as usual. I changed it up a little this year and brought two different tire choices, hoping one would be ideal.

Like with last weekend in KC, I opted for the Challenge Grifo XS file tread on the B bike and my go to everything tire the Challenge Fango on my A bike. If there was ever a place for a file tread, VDP is it. The corners are so dry and hard that you can't really go fast through them with any tire so I'd hoped the XS would work. After riding back to back laps switching from one bike to the other I decided the file treads just rolled smoother and had a more consistent grip through the turns. They also felt like rockets coming out of the turns.

At the whistle I slipped in behind Nate Woodman, Jay Thomas and Kevin Wilkins. Jay went clear on the opening lap as I was content to follow. Eventually it was Jay, with myself, Matt, John Rokke and Kevin in the chase group. Hoping to get Matt and I clear for a podium sweep I put in some punches. This went on for a couple laps until finally Matt and I were free. We'd been trying to sweep a podium for a year, it was nice to pull it off, finally.

The legs are feeling good, I managed to not dig too deep so I can stay fresh for the weekends. Looking ahead to Fort Collins I've got some big goals. Going to need all the chambers full for this one.

All Images: John Peterson/Nebraska Cycling News

Photo: Alexander Sanchez

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