Friday, June 8, 2012

Wednesday Worlds

After taking 3 weeks off from Wednesday Worlds it was nice to get rolling again at the pointy end of the bunch. A few weeks away seemed to help me out a ton, I needed the time off. Too much riding hard. I metering my efforts pretty closely as the ride, for me anyway, seems to be either too hard for too long, or too easy for too long. Last nights pace was just about perfect.

It was super fun climbing up Hummel from the steep side. I hope we keep doing it each week from here on out. The severity of the climb really makes you pace yourself and teaches you your limits before you pop. And the technical descent helps you work on your handling and cornering technique.

It was also cool because different groups of riders had different routes they could take. Anne and some of the other ladies climbed over Calhoun Rd which was a tad bit shorter so not only did they get to regroup with us in Ft. Calhoun but also at the Florence Mill. It was nice having the fresh faces in the group to ride back into town with.

Double mountain bike weekends coming up. Tomorrow is the IMBCS race in Ida Grove at Moorehead Park, then the Psycowpath, Nebraska State Championship race at Ponca State Park the next. Two super awesome, super fun places to race. Then it's time for some serious down time from racing and full on prep mode for Cyclocross season.

I've already been working on body conditioning for about 3 weeks. I've haven't been able to stay focused on any off-the-bike program before. It seems to be working as my core strength seems to be getting better. Hopefully it will pay dividends in the closing laps of each race.

Hard to believe that in a couple weeks the days will start getting shorter and CX season will be getting even closer. The hot days of summer are still to come, time to barrel on through.

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