Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seconds and Sixths

Decided to step away from racing this past weekend. Felt kind of bad not heading up to Norfolk as Dan and Jon put on great races, but spending the weekend with Anne trumped them both.

We got out for a nice spin through the Ponca hills on Saturday followed by an even more amazing dinner. I love lazy post ride Saturday afternoons.

Sunday was week two of the bacon ride. Thought I might see some folks at Aksarben Village but it ended up just being Anne and I for ride number two. When we got to Platte, we'd just sat down with our plates when Scott, Lucas and Brandon showed up. Conversation quickly turned to the awesome results the NE Cycling crew threw down on at Kanza.

I'm in get racing fit mode now with CX season fast approaching. Which means I'm trying to not completely gorge myself at the PRSP breakfast buffet on Sundays. I debated for about 10 minutes on if I should get a second plate. I did, it was a mistake.

We rolled out with the Lincoln boys and made our way over and up to Pflug road. Anne's bike had been making a clicking noise most of the day. We'd stopped a couple times to try and figure out what was going on but all seemed well enough. When we rolled into Springfield though, the drivetrain locked up, broken chain link. Yes, Anne's second broken chain of the year. She harnesses loads of lung busting power. We found a shady spot and I went about removing the broken link.

As we got closer to home that second plate at breakfast was weighing heavily on my soul, so I made the decision to ride Anne home and head back out for another 30 and make it a century. I made it even harder on myself by exploring some new Ponca Hills gravel. It did not disappoint but after 85 miles my legs were a little tired and the climbs were really freaking steep. I wobbled home, hot, sweaty and satisfied that I made up for that second plate.

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