Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well, I found out this week that training during the cleanse is, well, difficult. After an intensive first day, Wednesday, of 40+ mile ride with an hour plus yoga session in the evening I was cooked. I could barely pedal during the my next two days of spinning. Massive calorie deficiency.

Thank god I've got Anne whose ability to research things on the internets is amazing. Anne dug a little deeper into the Clean Program website and found some new info about cleansing with excercise as well as a ton of new recipes. Basically it talked about how the program is not calorie based. So if you're working out heavily you should compensate by increasing portion but sticky to the approved foods.

As we start day 4 both of us will be making these adjustments to see if the performance levels come back. Tomorrow will be the test.


Shim said...
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Shim said...

So how many beers per day are you limited to?

sda said...

awesome. i'm thinking about doing the "21 day standard process" again once i'm done skiing this year. i found that the hardest thing about being on the cleanse and riding was carrying all that fruit in my jersey pockets. i felt like i had a whole produce aisle up in there!