Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love this Sport

I'm a fan of cycling, be it Cyclocross, Mountain or Road. Thanks to the Innert Web I've fallen in love with all the great live feeds and post race highlight videos too. As I was growing up, we'd have to wait months to see photos of events like Paris-Roubaix as we anxiously awaited our subscriptions to Winning magazine and VeloNews.

What I'm really enjoying though, if you haven't noticed is the massive explosion of Cyclocross culture in the US. It is by far and always has been my absolute favorite segment of cycling. Had the culture that exists now been around in the mid 80's I can only imagine how my life (and career) in cycling might have changed.

What I love about cyclocross is it fills that void that always existed from October to March. No longer do we have to sit through the long winter months just thinking about spring road and mountain bike races. Open up the live feeds on your computer each weekend morning and you can catch the best CX racers in the world racing toe to toe through late February and early March. And by that time, I'm just as excited to watch the first big European spring classics which are just getting going. There's awesome bike racing now to watch and partake in 12 months out of year.

Love this sport.

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