Thursday, October 13, 2011

Worn Down

3 1/2 Weeks

2600 Miles

7 Races

Seems logical that after a stint like that, I'd want some down time. Especially considering we didn't get home Sunday night until...well...Monday morning. Four AM to be exact. I'm just now feeling like the life blood is flowing again through my veins. But the racing its not done, nope, not this week. I've got one more appointment on the calendar. The Oakley Night Cap Cross at Mullets bar in downtown Des Moines.

I heard awesome things about this race last year. Tight twisty course. Live music. Tons of screaming tifosi. Oh, and did I mention it's under the lights? We don't race until 10pm so it should be pretty interesting. This year they've acquired the use of a bit more land so the course won't be quite as tight, so that'll be nice. The cool thing is we won't have to leave until 4pm and we should be back by 1am. After that, there's some real down time. Two weekends in a row off from racing which will be the perfect time to work on some much needed motor pacing. Then the good old Boulevard Cup and then back to Louisville for rounds 5 & 6 of the USGP. Full throttle all the way!

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