Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A weekend off

It was so nice to have a weekend off after four weekends in a row of racing. It always feels like once you start racing you're on a constant cycle of struggling to recover yet maintain fitness. Luckily, racing is just about all you need but the trick I guess is how to get stronger while doing it all and not wear yourself down too much.

Saturday I kind of blew it on the timing thing. I ended up doing a bunch of stuff around the house in the morning when it was dry and then by the time I wanted to get out for a ride it started raining. I call that a forced recovery day. It probably did me good.

Sunday was a different occasion. Clear skies and perfect temps. I'd had big plans to really start motor pacing this fall but up until this point I've only made it out once. With all the flooding in the valley its made finding a good (close) road to do it on pretty difficult. I finally settled on the State TT course between Yutan and Ashland. Anne and I loaded up the car and drove to Village Point. From there I can get a nice 10+ mile warm-up out to Yutan and then motor pace for the 17 miles to Ashland.

Motor pacing is the holy grail of bike practice. I never feel like my heart rate is that high but my legs are in overdrive. It's the only way to simulate drafting and riding at crazy high race speeds. The way you use your muscles during this type of riding can only be done in one of two ways, racing or motor pacing. Still wish I had a scooter though, the car works but it's far from ideal.

In case you missed the big announcement yesterday, we're bringing Wednesday night 'cross racing to Omaha starting next week. At the conclusion of the Flatwater Twilight Series John and Sean along with the Trek Midwest stores will be bringing the racing to Omaha at Seymour Smith park. It should be a really fun time and I hope everyone can make it.

Click on image for event details
If you've always wanted to try cyclocross now is the perfect opportunity to get out and give it a go. We've got a super cool, beginner friendly course set-up. If you don't have a cyclocross bike bring your mountain bike and come check it out. If you plan on riding your mountain bike you just need to remove your bar ends to make the USAC officials happy.

Even if you aren't planning on racing, grab your cowbell and come out and watch. If you've never been to a 'cross race before it is by far the most exciting and spectator friendly form of bike racing. You'll love it. We had a all time high of 60+ racers in Lincoln last week, I'd love to see even more as we get deeping into the season and closer to the Nebraska State Championship weekend. Hope to see you all there


mw said...

man...i was hoping to ride with you on sat...

MOD 2.0 said...

Yeah, kind of blew it Saturday. After four weekends of racing it was a tough call.

mw said...

i rode pretty casual on sat. off the back at times enjoying my own pace. not much competition in these muscles. sure enjoy group rides.