Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You know a new saddle is a good one...

When you forget you're riding it on it's maiden voyage. That's pretty much what happened the other day when I took out Bontragers new Team Issue saddle.

But to be honest, it's not really a "new" saddle. It's more like Bontrager brought back a good thing. You see a couple years back Bontrager made a saddle, the Race X Lite, I'm going to say it was probably 2007 or 2008. One way or another, one of them found it's way onto my old Marin CX bike and eventually onto my Ferrous and Superfly SS mountiain bikes. I loved the saddle, not too flat, not curvy, just enough padding and flex in just the right places. It had a nice synthetic top and was just an all around great saddle. But as often happens, good things disappear, and the Race X Lite was replaced by the always "new and improved". That new and improved was the inForm line of saddle, which I liked too but the pointy little tabs made it horrible for any off-road riding.

Well Bontrager played their cards right this time by bringing back a great saddle. The now renamed Team Issue is basically the same saddle but streamlined. Gone are the screw on bumper guards under the nose and along the back edges. The synthetic top has given way to a full leather cover where every detail is perfectly align. What has stayed the same is the rigid outer carbon frame with flexible carbon middle, and the titanium rails. And the best part Bontragers unconditional comfort guarantee. Buy it, don't like, take it back and try something different. So even if it doesn't disappear underneath you on ride one, there's always another option.

First Generation

Carbon Chasis with Titanium Frame

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