Thursday, August 18, 2011

I don't remember being that hard last year. Last night was CX practice number one. All I can say is ouch. It didn't even feel like we did that much either, but in hindsight we rode a fair number of laps. Five or six warm-up laps followed by a two lap shoot out. Then what was suppose to be a final 4 lapper turned out to be just another two lapper for me as I was pretty baked. Why you ask?

Well, been traveling quit a bit. Last week was Trek World up in Madison. Saw some pretty fine stuff. Managed to keep things pretty chill and didn't gorge myself at the dinner table MT and I got rides in every morning which was a nice change of pace. Bryan and Lance joined a couple times too. Product was pretty refined this year, no super big changes. But good things in wheels, shoes and helmets. Lots of new 29ers and got to see the Frank and Andy Schleck, Fabian and Jens. I don't get fired up to see pros but this was pretty sweet.

My favorite new product at the show, Big Dipper kids helmets, adult size please

Followed closely by the all new Aeolus 3 tubulars, with any luck I'll be rolling a set of these by mid CX season

DT hubs are back, I can once again say that Bontrager wheels are your best bet out their

Goodbye Aeolus ACC, hello Aura 5, nice, solid aero wheel.

Had to demo one of these, too much fun
After Trek World, it was off to KC to look at what Pearl Izumi and Shimano had to offer. Shimano's got some sweet looking new shoes, after that not much has changed. Monday we got out for a smoking fast group ride with Scooter.

I followed that up with some sprint intervals on Tuesday which leads us back to last nights CX practice. Three hard days in a row has me begging for some recovery time today and tomorrow.

Gravel Worlds is this weekend and it's not looking good. Rain is in the forecast and well, I'm not trashing my new CX bikes on 100+ miles of wet gravel. We'll see what happens

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