Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Devil is in the Detail

This two small parts showed up with my 2012 Trek Cronus CX frames. At first I didn't think much about them. "Oh cool, they sent Shimano Di2 parts". Then I got to thinking that these parts would probably work with standard 4mm housing. Which means I could run full length cable housing for the rear derailleur keeping it shifting smooth through even the muddiest races.

It turned out pretty clean whether the engineers intended it to work with standard cable housing or not. Either way I'm digging it.

Super clean internal cable routing
Bottom bracket cable guide has a wide channel, perfect for the 4mm housing.  Front derailleur cable still runs through a narrow channel
This cable tie point keeps the housing away from the tire and chainrings
The cable stop plug snaps into place and holds the housing secure in the cable stop next to the rear drop out


speedomodel said...

Very slick, Mark. I'm especially envious because I've spent the good part of the week trying to cable an old, internally-routed bike that doesn't accept any of the ferrules still known to mankind. Does the rear brake cable fully-feed through to the rear?

MOD 2.0 said...

Trek has it pretty dialed, the frames come with guide tubes already in the frames so you don't have to fish it through.

Rear brake is open, the cable stops are little aluminum bits that bolt into the frame. Pretty easy setup to work with.