Monday, June 27, 2011

Building the Castle: Part I

You may have noticed I haven't been writing much. Partly because I've been playing catch up after vacation, partly because, well, I don't really know. I guess my vacation was a little more extensive on the blog side.

Regardless stuff is really firing. People are getting excited for cross, and plans are coming together. There's lots and lots to talk about but we'll take it all in baby steps.

While I was out in the bay area I got the text from Jay that he needed some clothing info. Turns out, Capo will be backing the grigio squadra this season with skinsuits of various styles. Short sleeve, long sleeve, thermal...pretty much everything we need to race from September through January. We debated a little bit back in the spring about long leg skinsuits as well, but with Mad Alchemy embro and probably only a few races in super cold temps, we'll be opting for thermal leg warmers if needed.

Our CX kits will have a few special tweaks. Most noticeable the lighter weight, thinner, Corsa seat pad. Normally found in the Modena short, it's a short to intermediate distance pad. It's not my favorite for 3+ hour rides, but it will work flawlessly for cross. It's Capo's smallest pad in terms of size and thickness so it will be ideal for running. So with that said if you're looking for a great pair of bib shorts for CX, check out the Modena.

Big thank you to Gary, Robert and crew out in Emeryville. I love this stuff.

Company Overview from Capo Cycling Apparel on Vimeo.

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