Friday, June 10, 2011

Break Time

I've had this week inked on the calendar since August. It seems like mid-June is becoming Anne and I's official vacation season.

Boccalone, Rapha Cycle Club SF, and Incanto are just of few of the destinations while in the wine country/bay area.

The bulk of the trip will be our time in Sonoma, Yountville and Heraldsburg with Trek Travel. This will be our second trip with the Trek Travel crew. Our first being our honeymoon in Italy five years ago. Yep, fifth anniversary trip. Keeping with the theme of Vino and Velo. Then it's time to buckle down, get focused and get fast.

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erik said...

you should try to ride fish rock rd or kings ridge, if you want some mountainous cx action. know it's a vacay but there's some incredible riding within a days ride.