Friday, May 20, 2011

Thinking about the past

I've told this story many times. The one about how impressed I was that riders like Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie and Bobby Julich stuck with racing so long after we were juniors turning cranks in the Black Forest outside Colorado Springs. I thought the dedication that they showed in pursuing their dream to become a professional cyclist was outstanding.

However now, with new information leaking out in regards to the federal investigation into Lance Armstrongs US Postal/Discovery team, I feel slighted. There was no extra dedication, they didn't work harder than the rest of us. They just cheated. And the system let them do it.

Can I point any one finger at who's the bad guy? No. But I wouldn't be bothered one bit if Mr. Pharmstrong spent many years locked away in a federal prison for fraud. I might even crack a smile.

If I was only 20 years younger, oh the times I could have.


Single_Speeder said...

20 years younger? What could you do at 40 that you can't do now?

speedomodel said...

"Pharmstrong" cracks me up. I seem to remember he was an arrogant SOB before cancer and his subsequent beatification.

MOD 2.0 said...

He was an arrogant SOB when we were 17. George and Bobby were fun to hang out with, we'd play poker in the lounge at the OTC. I remember one night we were taking the Texas swim team to the cleaners.

However, Mr. Pharmstrong didn't even stay with us in the dorms. He'd drive his brand new white Camaro to the center every morning. Yes, he's from Texas and he drove a white Camaro, perfect, I know.