Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Lincoln Weekend

Here we go, the brutality that is Cat 1/2 criterium racing. I was iffy on the weekend due to the forecasted rain, but as the curtain of rain lifted it was full steam ahead. Full steam ahead into a Tradewind energy storm that is. The mandatory Friday night look into registered riders showed that we'd be racing against (read hanging onto) the Brian Jensen, Steve Tilford, Bill Stolte train. I had my chance at getting the best of these guys last cross season but didn't think I'd be so lucky this time around.

Photo: Mark Stursma
Saturday's Capital City Classic went as expected. Tradewind attacked the bejesus out of us. I called it right for once and buried myself to get across to the Tilford, Jensen and team Kaos rider Joe McWilliams move. If was "the" move, problem was, Steve and Brian weren't waiting around and as quick as I was on, I was off. Later on, Shim and I got to play defense as Kent and Paul were off in a second breakaway. That lasted as long as it took for Steve and Brian to lap us, at which time Brian went straight to the front and rode a constant 26mph tempo and pulled them back.

My day really ended when I jumped a lap early for a crowd prime, day over. I tried to salvage a sprint, but a botched couple of corners in the finale left me in 8th across the line. Two places better than last year with tougher competition so I'll take it as a positive.

Bridging up, bouncing off the rev limiter
Photo: Lucas Marshall
Sunday wasn't much better. My legs were fried, and more horsepower was on hand with the addition of Mercy Cycling's Austin Vinton. The day played out much the same way, constant attacks by Tradewind until one finally sticks, then a second, then you soft pedal for a lap or two, then the pain is over. 10th place. Again, better than last year, so I must be stronger right?

Big thanks to John, Sean and the rest of the Flatwater/Bike Pedalers team for putting on a super smooth event. I could only imagine it being better if we were actually racing around the capital like the good old days. Maybe next year.

Super fun having Paul Webb back
Photo: Lucas Marshall
Big congratulations go out to all my Trek Midwest/Velogear teammates. Saturday saw Brady Murphy take the Cat 3 win with Ryan Feagan in 4th; Leah Kleager took 2nd in the women's open race and Kevin Gilinsky took 4th in the Cat 5. On Sunday, Lucas Marshall and Matt Tillinghast took a 1-2 in the Cat 3 and Leah was again 2nd. Even Greg climbed the top step in the Masters 40+ before jumping in with the 1/2's. Helluva weekend. My good buddy Nate even started his career as a road racer, how times change. Now get me some knobby tires, oh wait, that's still 4 months away.

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