Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week in Pictures

Who said Montana is the Big Sky Country?
We started things off on Saturday with the Tour of Dirt Roads (ToDR), well actually, Anne and I started on Friday night by hitting up the Keith Jacobshagen show at the Bemis. The above pic is my little tribute to Keith and his amazing catalog of work.

Rest stop
'Ole Greasy Knuckles flatted, imagine that. He said it was a thorn but I'm pretty sure he cased something.

A Pole and a Gator, both capable of huge feats of strength
My mates from OMA, Rafal and Mike. Both riding exceptionally well. Look out Kanza

This section of Ashland Road was the least passable of the day as it traversed a marsh. Oddly enough at it's end is this really nice concrete bridge. Schmidty did a top notch job mapping out a solid 85 miles. The 30 mph winds made for a long day.

Sunday was play time so I made some tweaks to the commuter. I pretty much dropped of the bike commuter map when I started working at the office in La Vista. My thought was if I'm going to spend and hour to hour and a half commuting each day that I'd rather spend that time actually out riding, so I started driving. Well, recently I started thinking about going by bike Monday, Thursday, and Fridays seeing how those are light to no training days. Revamped the Simple City with massive pedals, flat bar, rear rack and Surly mud flap. Monday was first time, yes first, commuting with panniers. They rock.

Yes, helmet-less, that's how I roll sometimes. But when I wear one, I wear Lazer

Tuesday was gravel recon lunch ride. Found a nice little curvy bit that connects Walnut Creek to Richfield. I'll be working this into the this years Bacon Ride route. Next week I'll venture further south and check out some option along the river.

New lunch time playground


MOD 2.0 said...

Josh, you were too quick on the comments, so it got deleted in my edits.

But yes, I think Miles is rocking a creep 'stache in that photo. He is from the South you know.

mw said...

never thought i'd mind stuff on my back when commuting to work, but my rack makes my commute so much nicer. and i can carry lots of stuff.

MOD 2.0 said...

It's a total game changer. I didn't know what I was missing.

munsoned said...

One thing I'm really interested in is a large front rack with possible basket on a bike with low enough trail. I know, Mark, you've mentioned your Fisher's front rack wasn't very stable loaded up. I think the trail is too high for bigger loads? Wish I knew definitive numbers for stable front load trail. Current bike has trail of 56, so possibly too much.

But a Wald basket is a cheap experiment!

waraxesam said...

Munson, from what I've seen, around 30mm of trail things get stable for the larger front loads, granted that rides pretty crappy unloaded...

MOD 2.0 said...

The other issue I had with the front basket, in Omaha at least, is you need the load to be tied down really well.

Standing up is virtually impossible unless you can climb with zero sway input on the bars. A pizza box or single package is about all I see it being good for.

bminks said...

ha.... Sam and I showed up at your house to go ride jewel the day after you rode home with a national walking sprinkler in the basket. I bet that was a challenge.