Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last night was the good old Wednesday Worlds ride and my first ride sans coffee after my Tuesday revelation. My heart rate was still pretty jacked but I felt noticeably better. I thought for sure I'd get popped at multiple points but I played it smart and cautious and managed to stay with the front group and still do a solid amount of work. Felt heaps better than the previous two weeks.

Sub 160 on the road
It's been a full year now since Anne and I completed our first go at the Clean Program. Stepping on the scale this morning I've managed to maintain the gains from a year ago and build on it. My weight has fluctuated throughout the year. As low as 165 in the peak of the summer. As high as 178 during the indulgent winter months. Currently I've come back down to 169 with the goal of 160 by cross season. I've been there before and had my best season on the road at that weight. Top 30 in some big time stage races as such. More importantly though, at my current weight of 169 I'm stronger and have more power than last year. So if I play my cards right I should be able to slowly drop that little extra bit heading into the fall.

I've been itching to get on some gravel. Haven't ridden any since the spring thaw. So with that, RD and I will be heading to the ToDR to ride with some LNK boys. Looking forward to some Valpo action.

Lastly, I was chatting to Randy last night on the ride and he moved the date up one week for the Omaha CX weekend. It was scheduled on top of the Ft. Collins USGP. Not anymore. Sweet.


Rad-Renner said...

I used to run bar-end shifters back then, too. And was 15lbs. lighter as well. ahh, youth . . .

MG said...

Good riding with you Saturday, Mark.