Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disc brakes, here we go

Photo: James Huang
It's happening, and it's happening fast. With spy photos of Ryan Trebon's new Felt bouncing around with disc brakes, it wasn't long before more popped up. Today, James Huang over at Cycling News broke a story and images of the new Redline carbon Conquest. It's the typical "new" layup structure that makes it torsionally stiff yet laterally compliant. I'm kidding, it's a carbon bike, relatively light, absorbs shock better than aluminum, etc, etc.

But what's unique is this is the first production bike I've seen with disc tabs ready to go on the back end. What it doesn't have though are disc tabs on the fork. The big question too that still remains is can they make disc brakes light enough for cross? I rarely find myself in a situation where I need more brake. I mean, you've only got 32mm of rubber on the ground, much more braking power you'll just be skidding down the hill.

Photo: James Huang
Still though, TRP was showing off another disc brak option CX bike with steertube mounted master cylinder. This seems to be the first go method of choice. Can't say as though I'm very keen on it. For one, I don't have that much room under my stem to mount that contraption. For now, I'm more than happy with my TRP EuroX.

Photo: Stevil @ AHTBM
And in other news, Wednesday worlds sucked, I think I have a small bug of some sort. Runny nose, and high heart rate, yay!


brady said...

04/14/2012 ?

TRP Eurox or Flux Capacitor?

Dude who took picture is either technically advanced or a luddite.


MOD 2.0 said...

It's from the future!

Rad-Renner said...

I can't imagine that a mechanical/hydraulic interface will be necessary for much longer than one development cycle (i.e. one cyclocross season). Doesn't Shimano already make integrated MTB shift/brake levers with hydraulics? Seems like TRP went to a lot of trouble to impress people with a gizmo that not many people are going to want. And, yeah, how much more brake do you really need when you tire is dragging on the ground? I guess I'd have to try it to see if it could truly be useful; otherwise, canti's are fine.

Chris G. said...

Isn't it really a question of "no brakes" vs. "brakes" and not a question of "how much brake"? Is the argument that the disc brake is less likely to fail completely in 'cross conditions?

Todd said...

I got to play around with the TRP set up for a minute at Sea Otter. Had a big crowd around it. For what it is, it's surprisingly simple. Sort of reminded me of a gyro on a BMX bike and it is nice that you can use existing shift levers.

If I were building up a CX bike and insisted on having discs it'd be the way to go unless Sram or Shimano have a rabbit they're planning to pull out of their collective hat.

Since that won't be the case for the foreseeable future, I'll just stick with TRP's mini v-brake.