Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've really been struggling the past few weeks. Everytime I get on the bike the heart rate seems high. At first I thought I was fighting a very, very mild cold. Then I thought the cause may have been related to a weekend of travel to KC with some over indulgence. Then the report that some folks were suffering from mild spring allergies. I was also thinking it could have been from stopping a supplement that I've been on consistently for a year.

Then I started thinking about the timing of the effect, and the only thing that was really different was that I started making my morning coffee with a press instead of drip. I ran into Brady and Leah tonight and Brady seems to think the added boost from the coffee press could well be the culprit. High heart rate, high blood pressure, basically not good stuff. So it's goodbye Bodum starting tomorrow. Heck, I think it'll pretty much be goodbye coffee. I've cut way back on it in the past, resorting to green tea instead. No big deal. Oddly I've had some cramping issues too, probably from the more potent coffee brew.

Regardless, I still got out tonight for round two of intervals. Max intensity hill repeats. Starting from the Ponca Hills F.D. up to the Shipley Cemetery. Man I forgot how much these things hurt, considering it's been well over 5 years since I last attempted them. The first week is always the hardest.

Busted out the leg warmers and went Euro PRO CX style with the socks on the outside. Thank you Sven, Neils and Styby.


mw said...

you could try not steeping the bodum for too long.

or yeah, skip coffee.

but it tasts so darn good.

i have been doing the tea thing most days, coffee everynow and again, but not all the time like was...

brady said...

I'd listen to what Marc Walters has to say about Bodum & caffeine before me.

Anway, the Bodum delivers good stuff. All those rich coffee oils. Mmmmm. Perhaps you could use it in moderation. Or maybe save it for race day crit-brew. That way, the Bodum yips will either have you ride away from the field, or take it out entirely. Either way, you'll leave your mark on the race.

brady said...

oh yeah, I almost forgot:
Good riding with you today, buddy!

MOD 2.0 said...

It was nice to have some company today even if it was for just a couple minutes. Hope you can start making Wednesdays soon.

I think I'll be dropping back to tea and treat myself to a Friday mocha from Crane once a week. That'll get me back firing on all eight (V8, F1 style, 20,000rpm)

mw said...

funny how i dropped the all day coffee and now my blood pressure seems more normal.

Rad-Renner said...
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