Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm a little late on this one so I'll do a little rewind to catch me up.

Last weeks Wednesday Worlds was a fun one. Cool temps shrunk the group quite a bit, well, that and a stiff north wind. I threw in my first jump of the year, which got me a good gap but I could hardly hold it. I then made a poor decision in the Calhoun sprint and tried to come around Kev into the wind. That got me nothing but a did manage to sprint myself into a bit of a stomach ache. Amsterdam kabob and curry fries may have not been the best late lunch choice.

We really got it lit up through Boyer Chute and Shim put in a super strong effort up the first half of the Surf Side climb. I thought I could stay in the small ring over the second half but I found myself spun out in the 39x12 but still managed to get over the top and used the old sling shot to hit the NP Dodge flats first. We wound it up again going into the 680 bridge sprint. Lucas jumped early and Shim and I got on his wheel straight away. Shim made his move and it took more than all I had to just get him at the line. Pretty stoked I can even contest these sprints as I was nowhere the last couple years. Got a nice surprise clicking through the Node. Lucas and I have been trying to hit 50 mph on the descent from Surf Side for over a year. Finally got it Wednesday night. Five-Oh on the dot!

So who's hot? Rafal is. He is crushing it. After chasing me around for the better part of the last 3+ months he's really coming on. And to think he's only owned a road bike for a little over a year. Long and slow pre-season rides are paying dividends.

Spent the weekend in KC opening our new store in Independence, Missouri. It's super close to Landahl which is awesome. I see more "business" trips on the horizon.

Things are slowly coming together for CX season too. Sidi and Mad Alchemy are the first top notch companies to jump on board my mid-life crisis chase for Masters CX Worlds. Big thank you to Doug and Pete for helping me out. More are in the works, but that's later.


RD said...

Thank MOD,
If you told me 3 years ago that i would be riding road bikes. I would probably said you are crazy :D... All the snowy/cold rides have been great. More work to be done for sure

Shim said...

It's been fun so far, did it Belgium style on Sunday, I'll try to find a pic.