Sunday, April 10, 2011

500 meters

Up "The Hill" after lap one
What can be said of the Twin Bing Classic. First off, I really couldn't tell you the last time I did a 70 mile road race. 1991 maybe? Yeah, at least 20 years ago. I wasn't quite sure what the day would hold. One week after my bout with food poisoning has left me a bit on the down side. But, I wasn't really going into this thing to crush souls. I'm just hoping that some good road races and criteriums will better prepare me for CX season, which is only 6 months away. Yes, I'm going to start talking about CX already.

Anyway, I did what I wanted. Turned myself inside out for my stronger teammates and made the split when the time came. It wasn't until the last 500 meters when the legs finally gave up for good.

The race started easy enough. It wasn't long before new team rider Clark Priebe and Marc Walter went up the road. Good for us, now we just play policeman. Towards the end of the first lap I let Jerome Rewerts roll off the front still content with our situation.

Half way through the 2nd lap though, things started getting frisky. The Kaos boys, Kevin Limpach, Jared Berger Chris Spence and Joe McWilliams started lighting it up giving chase to Ian Robertson. Just as the split occurred, it looked like I had missed my ticket for the show. But as one of Rewerts teammates jumped, Ryan Feagan and I responded. A quick look back and I saw a gap and shouted to Ryan to go. We closed the gap and made the split.

At this point the chasing was left to the smaller teams as us, Kaos and Zealous had guys up front. Well we thought. As we started lap 3, to our surprise Clark had been spit out of the break, which was now well out of sight. To make matters worse I was started to feel cramps coming on. With nobody from Trek Midwest up the road we took up the chase. Clark gave what he could and helped Shim and Kent, and after my cramps settled I joined in. Kent put in some big turns helped by Ian that brought us to the hilly backside of the course. From here I took over the pace making and tried to keep the tempo high in hopes of bringing back the two breakaways.

As we turned into the crosswind with just 5 miles to go, I was shelled but the break was only 45 seconds clear. Kent came back to front and put in one last mega effort but we just didn't have enough horsepower. The last mile was a chess match, who would jump and when. The final push came just 500 meters from the line and I had nothing. 10th place would be all I could muster today. Pretty happy with that result though. I'm sure the deeper we get into the season proper the speed will come. Time to stay focused.

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mw said...

nice work. i rode some gravel and rode thru wilderness and cornered the bike hard.