Friday, March 4, 2011

Since We're Talking Tires

Last night was bike wash night. The road and cross bike were bad, really bad. During the post wash wipe down on the Madone I took a bit of time and decided to pick the chunks of glass and gravel that were embedded in my tires. I found one good sized chunk of glass, and a couple minutes after picking it out I noticed my Stans sealant was seeping and bubbling out.

I've got about 1200 miles on my tubeless Bontrager R4 treads. So far the tires have been great and up to this point no flats.

The Stans looked to be doing the trick. Tire was still at full pressure this morning. Pretty cool, road tubeless is.


E.O'B. said...

Which rims do do run?

MOD 2.0 said...

Dura-Ace on the Madone, but I have two pairs of the Ultegras too.

munsoned said...

I can't wait till it really catches on and more tires are made. I'm a huge fan of 28C tires, so once those are made in tubeless, I'll think real hard about getting a set.

However, that'll hurt my current infatuation with Campy, since it'll most likely be a Shimano wheelset.

Single_Speeder said...

Do do. Ha