Sunday, March 6, 2011

Foot Fetish?


Sock fetish?

Uh, yeah.


Yeah, those too.

In this day and age of custom team kits about the only way to have some sense of individuality is by selecting your own socks and hats. I've come to conclusion that Capo makes just about the best foot covers available and this year they brought out a new line of Olefin stockings. I wouldn't even consider the 6cm cuff version so the decision was 12cm or 15cm. And...if 12 is good, 15 must be better. Right? Right! So enter the Capo Strada, 15 cm of black sock heaven, made even better with the Italian Tri Colore and the white strip up the back.

I also just couldn't resist nabbing an Omega Pharma-Lotto cap to add to the collection. It's a pretty blatant rip off of the Rapha Focus colors but when Phillipe Gilbert is rocking the Belgium knee warmers like he does and winning every classic on the calendar, I just couldn't resist my super tifosi urges.

Image used without permission
Photo: © Bettini
He's not afraid to attack...
Photo: © Bettini
Knows how to win like a true Belgian, that's with "no one else in the picture"...
...and he's not afraid to get muddy.
...yep, super fan, right here.

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jxw said...

Find us some footage of the Strada Biache from this year. Sweet lookin gravel race!