Monday, March 7, 2011

First Blood: part 1

I love it when things just work out. Take this week for instance. Pretty sure this was my biggest week on the bike. Twelve hours maybe, including some decent interval work on Tuesday and back to back 70 milers over the weekend.

All this has left me bloody. That's right physically bleeding. Went to blow my nose this morning and it was so raw from 8 hours of riding this weekend, well, you get the picture. Anyway, the legs are pretty baked. Karma must be working in my favor because just as I need a bit of recovery, snow and sleet are coming down. Time to relax a bit, and enjoy the forced time off.

We had another great group for Saturday's ride. However I got a little spooked in Elk City. I wonder what goes on behind the steel door and barred windows of Ponderosa Bar, what with the pagan goat heads and all. I will take the blame for making the ride a bit longer than was billed. The three hours turned into almost four after I pushed the group to head up to Blair, but none of us died so I'm sure we're all stronger. Noah continues to impress, as does everyone really, there's some strong riding going on this spring.

Regroup in Elk City

Upon arriving home, Anne whipped up this protein packed white bean, tuna, spinach salad. Amazingly filling after 70 miles. Then it was off for wine, cheese and cured meats with the Cook's, he'll yay!

Sunday it was off to Lincoln and the cross wind battle. Heavy SSE winds made for an interesting day. Luckily the three westward traverses gave me a break from pushing into the head/cross the whole day. Was supposed to hook up with MW and Carl but a slight hiccup in route overlap foiled that plan. Did this ride a year ago and flatted. None of that shady business this year.

I-80 into the Platte valley

Home Sweet Home


Joshua Stamper said...

Big Al and I would always finish off out gravel tandem rides with brandy at the ponderosa. It was shut down for most of the summer. people have always been friendly towards us.

mw said...

yep. what i learned is i should talk on the voice communicator when trying to meet someone. text is only good for so much.