Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chip Seal Love

The base of Badger Rd.
We had a beautiful ride this past Sunday out to Mo Valley. Good group of 10 on some of my favorite roads. We even found a new chip seal road between Bee Bee Town and Mo Valley. The pace picked up towards the end which was a perfect precursor to proper interval work.

The final kicker on Badger Road
Speaking of interval work...yeah, it started Tuesday. Six weeks out until the Climbing Hill, Twin Bing Classic. I was really bummed to miss this race last year so I'm looking forward to my first proper road race in a long time. Tuesday's intervals drilled me, and was still feeling it yesterday. Nice to have a couple days rest.

Sunday I'll be riding to Lincoln for some family stuff, did the same thing last year. NOAA says I'll have a crosswind most of the day. Who wants to meet me half way?


mw said...

i am cuming..i mean coming to meat you. i mean coming to meet you.

Rad-Renner said...

why does my ass look so huge? don't answer that