Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Best Money You'll Spend All Year

Last winter I jumped on the gradient compression bandwagon. I started with the Skins Sport series long tight. In short, I was floored how well they worked. So well in fact I didn't really want to tell anybody about it. But what the hell I'm here to help.

Since then, Skins has introduced their new 400 line of compression wear. The 400 refers to the 400 point body mapping their engineers used to better fit the garment and improve performance.

Where as the Sport line was designed for active use, I'm now using the RY400 which is a recovery specific piece. The Sport or Active lines have slightly less compression as they take into account muscle pump during activity.

I pretty much sleep in these things nightly, and wear them religiously for at least 4 hours after each workout. After riding a hard hundred miles on Saturday I felt pretty darn good on the mountain bike Sunday.

Why am I still talking about these things a year later? Because they're really that good.

Get some!


erik said...

"...the continuing fad of tight-fitting compression garments like Under Armour, which many athletes wear on the presumption that they improve performance and reduce muscle soreness.

But there's not much evidence for that. Shots did a quick PubMed scan on sports performance and compression garments, and it looks like the benefits are largely psychological."


MOD 2.0 said...

I assume your joking, right?

Under Armour and Spanx?

If you're going to compare Skins, 2XU or CEP to these brands you might as well trade in your Riv for a Huffy, because the do the same thing, roll down the street.




erik said...

i'd rather roll down some tasty singletrack in the woods. and there's nothing wrong with a psychological benefit, even. there's probably something wrong with most huffys and underarmour. spanx and skins should probably work on their naming, lest they get carried at a sex shop.

we should go for a ride sometime, hopefully that will happen. until then, you know i'm just feeding you softballs. keep doing what you do, and wow, i've been riding this '78 trek 710 lately around town. nice bike. love those old treks.

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