Monday, February 7, 2011

Sevens and Elevens

Refuel at the Wabash trail head
Against my better judgement I ventured out Saturday with the group. Yes I'd been sick most of the week, yes I probably should have rested instead of ride, but sometimes you just have to throw the dice. Especially when the forecast is showing highs in the single digits this week.

A last minute wind shift by mother nature sent us rolling south for the first time in weeks. The route was our tried and true loop that carries us over the Bellevue toll bridge (thanks to Shim for covering the group this week), up Eastman road from the valley and then back north winding on the ridge to the Wabash. No riding on the Wabash though, too snowy. Not a problem though as the gravel was in mint condition.

We combined the A and B groups and kept the speed and mileage in check. The group was solid and we ended with a solid 50 miles, 60 for Rafal and I after riding from our houses. And post ride coffee at Blue Line never disappoints.

This coming weekend it's looking like it's really going to warm up which might send us out on the pave'. Keep an eye on GroupRideOmaha for details later in the week.


Shim said...

That ride kicked ass!

speedomodel said...

PB cracks me up.

29erfan said...

I spy a new Salsa CCC...nice!
Also, does anyone have an email address for PB?