Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Miles

Hard to believe the weather we're having. For some reason though it seems like this winter has gone by pretty quickly. Maybe racing 'cross well into December had something to do with it. Regardless, miles have been steadily increasing since Jan 1 and this past weekend we pushed it past the 90 mile mark.  All I can say is 90 on the road was way harder than 80 on gravel. The Saturday crew continues to grow. We had 13 this past weekend, 6 in the long group and 7 in the short group. Lucas and I put in a good three or four hill effort which, well, hurt like a bitch. Perfect though as it came after nearly 60 miles of sustained pedaling.

It looks like Rafal, Lucas and I are heading to LNK this Saturday for some gravel with the D Street crew. Snow is melting, gravel is drying, miles are flying by.

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