Monday, January 24, 2011

Turning the Corner

In the valley, headin home. Pic: Cornbread
Let's talk about the weekend. I love it when a plan comes together. After trying to get Cornbread up here for the better part of two years it finally happened. And he brought MW and DK too, even better. Then, the Black Knight appeared on the CB side of the bridge, even more betterer.

We hit quite a few new roads I'd never ridden before and they were all spot on. After a short pit stop in Crescent for a warm up, we exited the gas station into the forecasted snow flurries. It made for a beautiful ride home along the bluffs. I have a feeling we'll be riding this route again. Cornbread has some great pics, as I'm sure Lucas will too. All in all, 70 miles with 4200 feet of climbing, yeah, we've got some hills.

The day did see me take a pit stop from the clean program. With 70 miles of gravel on tap I felt I should properly fuel up, and that meant Namaste Foods gluten free blueberry waffles. What I thought was a good idea turned out bad as the blood that should have been in my legs was now in my stomach. Lesson learned. I did however drop eight pounds last week and feel great. My over-indulgence during the holidays has been capped. I can now focus on eating smart and keeping the progress moving forward.

A few weeks back Rafal made a comment about us being past the coldest point in a week or two. Well, I checked out the old almanac and sure enough, we turned the corner on January 19th. Mean daily temperatures start to rise after that, so the worst is behind us. I see opening up the "Century of the Month Club" account in February this year. Who's in?

And finally, it looks like I'll be back with Midwest Cycling Community for 2011. My affiliation with Midwest Wheelmasters was fuzzy at best. So I'll be back in the white and grey in all road and mountain events. Still have some irons in the fire for CX though. Which brings me to this...Midwest Cycling Communities annual team night is this Friday at the Trek Store in Papillion. Rumor is you'll be able to put in a Capo team kit order too. See you Friday.


RD said...

february century !!!! yes... that will require 8-9 am start though

MOD 2.0 said...

We could be looking at road bikes though. Riding a gravel hundie is a long day in February.

Carp said...

Eat Paleo.

Kevin said...

Geez, 8 lbs? In a week? Dang.

Century next month (next week?) sounds great. I'm with RD, though....road bikes, since I don't own CX.

Cornbread said...

So much fun. Definitely coming up more often.

Let me know about that century. Anyone up for a hundy this coming weekend (Saturday)?

RD said...

miles are miles... as long as it's not stationary century i don't care if we ride big wheel trikes :D

MOD 2.0 said...

Same thing Carp, I'm just instituting a fast cycle which was a natural part of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle that Paleo is based around.

Hopefully we'll get a warmish-low wind weekend day here we can throw down on.

toddnapril said...

I'm Defintely up for a Febuary century road or gravel.