Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Midweek Checkup

It's been just a little over a year since I took up my latest position for the Great Trek Bicycle Manufacturer Selling Store, that of buyer that is. A year later I'm knee deep in the other side of the business, Velogear. But this isn't the place for business talk.

What this is the place for is talk about riding. And one benefit to working in a flexible office environment is working my own hours. Yeah, I sometimes miss having a day off in the middle of the week, when everyone else is fast at work and you have every country road to yourself.

But after one year, I'm figuring out my flow. Take Tuesday for example. Up and into the office early. Out the door at 11am for good ride, then stay late and work well past sun down. Not something I can do daily but I can make it work one or two days a week. The difference? Not huge. By this time last year I probably had 4 days on the trainer, this year two. I'll take it, gotta love flex time.

For the first time I made out to Buffalo road. Great road with good rolling hills, made for a perfect 40 mile loop door to door.

Without digital enhancement the line between land and sky is indistinguishable
Typically Rafal throws a blip about Saturday plans over at the MITMON blog. We were chatting today however so I'll spill the beans first. With temps in the mid 20's, a north wind, and partly sunny skies, you do the math. We're heading north again for a fourth healthy dose of Loess Hills gravel. We'll be cranking it up another ten miles this week, bringing it up to 70 miles B2B (bridge to bridge round trip). The weeks route will actually take us in to more uncharted territory, this time north of I-80. We'll be in Mo Valley before we know it. Maybe next week. Due to the mileage increase, the plan is to leave at 10am this week, 30 minutes earlier the usual.

Things you need to now...
  • As mentioned before, we're leaving at 10am from the Bob Kerry Bridge, don't be late
  • Plan your hydration - Our first water/feed stop will be in Crescent at mile 55, make sure you have enough food and fluid to get yourself there, or bring a pack mule.
  • It's cold, it's inhospitable terrain, mileage is getting up there, be conservative, don't bite off more than you can chew.
  • There will be coffee at the downtown Blue Line after the ride.
Shadows are long, but they're getting shorter


Chris G. said...


Your "things you should know" disclaimers were well written and appreciated.

I also appreciate the route maps. Helps me to plan my rides since I can't hang with y'all!


KEV said...

Do you do Buffalo both ways or go out Platteview? Great roads some real good gravel in that area as well.

Leah said...

Mark, Can you make me a special modified route for me?? Would link back up with the group. Thanks, Leah

MOD 2.0 said...

Kev, usually loop around on Platteview. Clockwise / counter clockwise depending on wind.

Leah, most of the loops are little clover leafs off of Old Lincoln Hwy. I'd study the main route and take shortcuts here and there. Couple options.

Cut out at mile 17 and meet up at mile 23, cuts out ~4 miles.

Cut out at mile 36 and meet up at mile 43, cuts out ~5 miles

Cut out at mile 47 and meet up at mile 52.5 or in Crescent, cuts out a mile and one big climb.

Noah Marcus said...

dang, i was really confused when you said 'north of I-80'. After looking at the map I suppose you meant I-680?

MOD 2.0 said...

Oh yeah, that is 680, my bad.