Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creeping MIleage

Saturday seems to be "the" day. The last four Saturdays have been spot on for the ever increasing quest for more mileage. Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, now Eighty. If weather holds, which the longterm forecast says it will, we'll have 90 next weekend and will have worked our way all the way to Mo' Valley via gravel.

We started with 17 this week, joined by Marc Walter and some fresh faces. After about 30+ miles were down to the unclean ocho as captured by Lucas.

The unclean ocho
Pic: Lucas Marshall Photography
Temperatures rose quickly and sections of our beautiful Loess Hills became a sloppy mess when the sun came out to play. Enough so that our final 18 were spent on the tarmac. I finally felt the need to open it up a wee bit as we headed home from Crescent. The legs felt good after 60 miles and I could easily maintain the increased tempo. Quite a difference a year makes as last year at this time Brady was popping me hard.

It was much warming than it looked
My bike was shifting like crap most of the day which had me worried I'd broken another link on my Ultegra chain. Sure enough, post ride clean-up revealed a completely cracked link. I'm amazed it didn't snap consider the tension I was applying on the climbs all day.

On the way home Lucas pointed out the Hupmobile mosaic on this building. Looks like our CX friends over at Hup United have a club house if they ever want to move to Omaha. It's even for sale.

Future Hup United clubhouse?
Another arctic freeze is moving in. Negative 9 on Wednesday? For real? It was 48 on Friday for crying out load. At least it's middle of the week, and not the weekend.


bryan said...

step one: quit buying Ultegra chains.

greasyknuckles said...

Sheesh, you've had some bad luck with those ultegra chains, if they were just seperating I'd wonder about your chain tool, but cracked links seems fishy.

Just buy dura-ace I guess mod, they aren't a ton more, bummer is they stretch just as quickly.

Remember how long 7 and 8 speed chains seemed to last!

Carl said...

Try a 105 chain.

I'm just sayin'.....

KEV said...

I had one cracked in half and one completly gone on a Ultergra chain Saturday. I had to limp back home.

MOD 2.0 said...

I had it happen last spring. Shimano said it has something to do with the salty road conditions. No problems with 105 or D/A though. I've never been a huge fan of Shimano chains, they're the only ones I've ever broken. I would have thought they'd have it sorted out by now.

May have to go D/A.

erik said...

8/9 is just as fast.