Wednesday, December 15, 2010

USGP Portland Stanley Cup

It was a whirlwind finish to the season. Two days of meetings in St. Louis, followed by 9 days of racing in the pacific northwest, aka. little Canadia. My adventure started a little rough with 12 hours of air travel the Friday before the last installment of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross, Portland Stanley Cup. I arrived in PDX at 10pm, caught a ride with long time race circuit buddy Ben Raby to our host house, Nate and Emily Meschke, and was up and at it the next morning for our 12:30 start time on Saturday.

The Portland weekend was largely forgettable from a racing standpoint. I suffered in the thick gooey mud on Saturday and only managed 21st. Sunday was worse when I suffered uncharacteristic cramping with 2 laps to go and I pulled the plug. I ended up doing quite a bit of damage to my left calf which remained knotted up well into the following week. The worst part was my poor performance dropped me in the overall to 6th place in the series. I was really hoping to hold on to my top five. The highlight of Portland was getting a tour of Chris King by Jay Sycip which our friend Curtis Inglis arranged. It was pretty cool to see how King does what they do. We also got to swing by and see our good friend Katie at Castelli.

Nate joined me on the front row 
Suffering through, not having a good day

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