Monday, December 6, 2010

USGP Finale

This weekend could easily be one to forget. With work travel prior to the weekend and a late night dehydrating flight into Portland the day before, I was disadvantaged from the get go. I tried to convince myself different though.

Day one was pretty bad. Decent start but slowly faded back to 21st. Day two brought a better start but cramping fotrced me to pull out with 2 laps to go. Nate had a mediocre day on Saturday but rebounded with a hard fought 25th on Sunday. Troy rounded out the series with an 8th place and 4th overall. Tom had shot at the overall win but came up one spot short. Considering his woes this season, his 2nd overall is an amazing result.

The poor results dropped me back to sixth overall in the series. I'm happy though. The podium in Louisville and the high overall placing was way more than I was expecting this season.

Nats are around the bend, will be rainy and snowy, hope to end on a high note.


Haro said...

Been following along Mod, seems to me like your entire season was pretty much a high note. Congrats, nicely dun all year. Jeff Bergen

Rad-Renner said...

I'd say you did pretty darn good, esp. for your first crack at this series. Kind of a tough deal with all the travel, but you gave it your best shot and next year you'll be even better. Congrats to T.P & T.K., good job, boys.