Friday, November 5, 2010

Back in the (road) saddle again

After close to two months of being off the road bike it's been awesome to have finally got a chance to jump on for some longer road rides. Last night was little bittersweet though as I said my last goodbyes to the setting sun for the winter.

Yes, it's time to fall back this weekend, that sucky time of the year when we reach up and turn back time for exactly one hour. Why do we do this again? Something about farming?

Anyway, my last two weeks have been great. The break from racing has allowed me to get in some serious quality time on the bike. In addition to my usual sprint and interval work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I've been able to get in some longer road rides on Thursday as well as more sprint work on Saturday and even longer and more intense road rides on Sunday. The legs have a good aching feeling so next weeks recovery will hopefully set me with more strength leading into round five and six of the USGP.

And speaking of training. I'm by no means a coach, but I'm a pretty descent self coach. Some friends over the past months have enquired how I've been training. Although I've raced 'cross for over a decade this is the first year I've really raced 'cross. That is, put an entire season of efforts towards that goal. The program has been basic, I came across Adam Myersons, preparing for the cyclocross season and have stuck to it for the most part since late July. I don't use power, just heart rate, and I know enough about my body to know when I'm tired and when to back off.

It's been a pretty fun autumn in regards to riding. The Wednesday night 'cross practices have been awesome. We've had really good turnouts every week and the latest course layout at Seymour Smith just gets better and better. I use to always rate the quality of a good mountain bike trail by how many bike parts you'd find rattled loose and laying on the trail. Our 'cross course must be pretty good too as is shown by the broken chain link.

Finally, for those of you not heading south to Lawrence this weekend for racing, we'll be meeting at Wohlners/Jones Bros. this Sunday and 8am for some road miles (Jones Bros. is open and has coffee). We meaning Bryan, Jonathan and myself. Roll out is at 8am, planning on 50-60 miles with maybe a few bits of intensity to satisfy my interval needs for the day.

Loving the Ponca Hills

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samsam said...

I hate the time changes too, but we're back to 'normal' now, so it would have been darker earlier for longer if we hadn't.