Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some cool things about cyclocross

Lucas Marshall Photography ~ If you haven't seen it yet, you need to check out Lucas Marshall's photography from Sundays Bellevue GP CX race at Swanson. The guy doesn't mess around, well, he does mess around but then it's down to business.

Photo: Lucas Marshall

Photo: Lucas Marshall

Mad Alchemy ~ Oh my goodness. These fine people know what they're doing. Mad Alchemy embrocation is the real deal. But what is the deal? Embrocation is designed to be used pre-race / ride and does a couple things. It protects and nourishes your skin from the elements. The oils have anti-inflamation and anti-bacterial properties. And the warming element helps increase blood flow (like Ben-Gay).

We had the whole crew dabbing into my jar of the Mellow Warming embro this weekend and man were we all impressed. Up until this point I've only used the Ozone Elite warming gel and the heat effect is very minimal. In the 60 degree temps from the weekend the Mad Alchemy Mellow was almost too much. I'm almost nervous to try the Medium intensity, that will have to wait for much colder days. TK said it was even more powerful than the Qualum embro he's used. Big thumbs up to Mad Alchemy. It lasted throughout the race and well into the evening. This stuff will be awesome come cold / wet weather. ~ If you haven't checked out the kids from, please do so. Hopefully promoters all around the country are sending in their results so we can see how we rate in the big picture. The data wranglers rank your top Nemeses and top Victims and help you keep track of upgrade points. You can also see who you might think is sandbagging. Fun stuff. Hopefully the Omaha weekend results will be up soon.

Cowbells, beer and super fans ~ This past weekend at Swanson had to be one of, if not the biggest CX weekend we've ever had in Nebraska. I counted 90+ on the results sheet and the fans were in full effect. It was awesome hearing all the cheering going on across most of the length of the course. I can't wait to see what Lincoln has in store for November.

Photo: Lucas Marshall
The Racers ~ I heard from more than a few racers that this weekend really got them fired up to race more cross. People always ask what's so great about it? I've never really been able to explain why I like it so much. It hurts like hell to do it, but it doesn't hurt for very long. The crowds are always entertaining. The courses are always challenging. The racing is always elbow rubbing fun. There's just something special about it. It has everything I love about road racing and mountain biking all crammed into an action packed hour. I'm stoked that so many of you are stoked on this crazy sport, it really is the funnest part of bike racing.

Photo: Lucas Marshall

Photo: John Petersen


andrew said...

Mark - I'm one of the uploaders. I can get the results up on the site if they are available in a text or excel file. Regards,
Andrew Coe

mw said...

great pics, great post. sure enjoy the twittering

vaughn said...

For the Mad Alchemy embro a little rubbing alcohol and a towel does the trick. I'm sure you've figured out what happens when you try to scrub it off in the shower.

I've used the mellow with knee warmers and stayed comfortable at the top of the Buckhorn where it was 30 degrees at snowing. Good stuff.