Thursday, October 21, 2010

A date with a monster

We're off and running for the Derby City Cup in Louisville, KY this weekend. Home of the famed flyover. New venue this year, which really means nothing to me since I've never raced in Louisville before. However it means a big something to me this year as the new venue is that of the upcoming 2012 masters world championships.

I'm number five on the start line which should make things a tad bit easier than in Madison. After checking the start list it looks like Nate will just squeeze into the second row in 15th with Bill Marshall 17th, first on the 3rd row. Matt and Shadd will be battling their way from somewhere behind there. Seventy gentlemen are registered, just a tad more than Madison so it should be interesting. Also in there this weekend is mountain bike national champion and Ibis team rider Don Myrah. Don's on the comeback trail after years off the bike. He was a bad ass 'cross racer back in the day winning multiple elite national championships.

Twitter updates when I can get WiFi, or follow highfive_ as I'm sure Jill will high jack his account and be giving race play by play.  I think racing for us starts at 12:15 both days.


mathguy said...

Good luck this weekend, Mark. Time to improve on that 4th-it's podium time!

Us peons will be holding down the fort in Norfolk and Lincoln.

mw said...

sure enjoy the tweets from y'all

Jer said...

Good luck...MW crew give em hell.