Thursday, October 7, 2010

CX Practice - New venue

We had a great crowd last night for our first week at the new CX course. I counted 18 at one point. The new track is a crusher, my back was getting worked over during our five lap session. For those in attendance or those planning on attending. Be sure to steer clear of the the fly by wire model airplane fliers. Please be courteous to these guys as they come to the park every Wednesday night and have been for years. They lay the wires out along the flying circle so be sure not to run over the lines (as Jonathan found out!).

John Petersen posted two really cool photo galleries on Nebraska Cycling News. Check'em out.

Omaha Opener Gallery

Bellevue GP Gallery

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Jer said...

Mark, thats a tough course for sure. I enjoyed it even if I was bonking a little and detonating in the 2-lapper. Clearly starting at the back and chasing through the group is extra work on that course.