Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clean Up

A couple weeks back I posted that our Mad Alchemy goods had finally arrived at the shop. Shortly after we all found out just how good this stuff is. Very high quality and does exactly what it claims. It almost works too good though and that nice warming sensation on the bike quickly turns into a raging inferno post ride when you climb off the bike.

I contacted Jan at Mad Alchemy and got the low down on post ride clean-up. Here's what she said...

Wipe excess off with a towel and scrub with baby wipes. If you're at home rather than a race venue continue the process with a grease cutting dish soap (we recommend any non petroleum based such as Planet or Seventh Generation) before hitting the shower.
I tried the Seventh Generation option  last night and at first I didn't think it worked as my legs were still feeling the warmth out of the shower. The sensation only lasted about another hour then all of a sudden, the warming sensation disappeared and all was normal.

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