Monday, October 18, 2010

Boulevard Cup recap

If you don't learn something when you fail then why try at all? That's how I'm walking away from this weekends racing in Kansas City. Now I would hardly call 4th place a failure but being over a minute of the leaders was a bit much.

I was expecting to encounter some of the toughest racing of the year at Sundays Boulevard Cup race. Shadd Smith, Jeff Winkler, Tom Price as well as the usual Nebraska suspects. Having never really raced these guys before, last year doesn't count, I didn't quite know what to expect.

Anne and I jumped in the Honda and headed south, getting to the venue with more than enough time to prep for the day. As we arrived Randy and Rich were just starting and kicked the race day off with a bang. Randy won the 50+ and Rich won the 60+, setting the tone for the Nebraska contingent. Next up, Sydney kept the dream alive winning the womens. Safe to say the bar was set pretty high for Nate, Troy, Matt and I.

Photo: Randy Crist
At the whistle, I made a fast get away and grabbed the hole-shot as we entered the grass. By the first barrier, a quick glance back showed that myself and two KCCX riders already had a small gap. I short while later I caught a glimpse of Shadd and Wink on my wheel. At this point I realized I'd gone out a bit hard and the legs were a tad rubbery. I'd pay for that fast start all day.

After the first lap Shadd came through followed by Jeff a half lap later. I tried hard to stay on their wheels but the early effort and taken too much. I set my sights on trying to stay in front of a charging Brian Jensen and Matt Tillinghast. But even that was too much as Jensen blew by me with an expected hard acceleration on the pavement. Matt and I would ride together pretty solidly.  The gap behind was really opening up at this point and something big would have to happen for either of us to miss out on a top five.

Photo: Laterne Rouge
As luck would have it, in the course of one lap I would inherit 3rd place through no effort of my own. Matt and I found Brian quickly coming back to us with a flat tire and then a half lap later Matt would drop his chain. With 3 laps still to go it would be a tall order to try to hold of a now even harder charging Brian Jensen. Sure enough, Brian would catch me with 2 to go and sat on my wheel until one to go.  I had no snap in my legs to even attempt to get rid of him and as he jumped with one to go it was all over. A hard fought 4 place is all I could salvage.

The biggest disappointment of the day is the lack of cash payout in Kansas. Twenty two riders toed the line for a 3 place payout. The positive takeaway was I have a much better idea of how to start from the front row which is where I'll be this coming weekend in Louisville. It'll be a blast with Nate probably starting in the second row, Bill Marshall in the 2nd or 3rd row and Matt and Shadd somewhere behind them. Midwest represent!

TK hits the beer garden barrier with riders hittin' the deck
Nate Woodman, MWC!
MT and I rockin' the fresh LS skinsuits through the beer garden barrier
RD getting some Rhino love
Hard day at the office
Photo: Lanterne Rouge


Joshua Stamper said...

The BC race has never paid out well or deep, but is one of the most well attended races on the schedule. Free Beer will do that. If you want to get paid down south, you have to race Boss Cross.

Rad-Renner said...

see what happens when you skip a practice? ha ha, ok it's not that funny. nice write-up & photos.

mw said...

i'd keep my distance from rhyno's pelvic thrust!

SlimenUndGrossen Racing said...

I don't understand it. The previous 3 years, that Boulevard race has been the biggest drawing event of the KC cx season, yet it is still one of the worst paying. Some promoters in the kc area just dont get it. Fields will eventually drop when the promoters don't continue you to put some of the money back into their events. No matter how much free brownies, cookies and beer you offer. Go figure...