Thursday, September 30, 2010

Open the local account

The Mad Alchemy goodies showed up just in the nick of time. Just in the nick of time for us to open the local 'cross account for the season. This weekend will be prime cyclocross weather for the opening round of the Nebraska CX series at Swanson. Temps in the upper 50's and low 60's will set it up perfectly. Perfect that is for the mellow warming embro.

I'm still missing my second frame and fork but it is on a truck and heading east. This week has really been a blur. Picking up the pieces of a long weekend while still trying to keep things rolling on the home front. Hopefully I can relax a bit tomorrow for the lead up to another double race weekend.

Which leaves me to bike set-up. Up in Madison I chose to run the Challenge Fango tire up front and the Grifo on the rear. This weekend I'll set both wheelsets up with this combo and will probably stick with it for the whole season. The Fango has mega grip and works flawlessly on off-camber grass. With the Black Lung in transit (pictured in previous post) I've been debating over sticking to my original plan of having one bike set-up 2x10 and other 1x10. I'm leaning towards both bikes 2x10. But that can wait until next week.

So here we go, legs felt like crap yesterday, which, if history repeats itself, and it usually does, they should feel pretty good come Saturday. Time to race some more 'cross.

TJ in foot out panic mode
J-Pow, calm and collected
Molly Cameron riding the run-up


mathguy said...

The thing you should mention about that TJ photo is that he kept pedaling with one leg through the corner. The pros are a different species.

RF said...

mathguy, that is ridiculous. Seriously?

Endurosnob said...

Did Molly make time on the run up?

MOD 2.0 said...

She was getting off at the bottom over the stairs and jumping back on right away. It seemed to be a wash.

J-Pow was riding the whole thing and that was for sure faster.