Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dakota 5-O Short

Awesome weekend in Spearfish again. Full report and hopefully some images to come later this evening. I had a great day on the bike, 8th overall and 2nd single-speed in 4:00:19. Here's a quick look at how some Nebraska folks finished up...

Ryan Feagan 15th/29th 4:25:25
Matt Gersib 31st/57th 4:45:21
Mike Miles 11th/??? 4:53:00
Rafal Doloto 44th/95th 4:58:44
Jeremy Cook 60th/132nd 5:19:01
Scott Showen 21st/133rd 5:19:35
Todd Eyberg 77th/171st 5:33:27
Casey Lundgren 84th/184th 5:40:53
Chris Wolff 29th/251st 6:11:30
Jon Hood 110th/259th 6:12:54
Anne Savery 12th/274th 6:21:31
Alex Sanchez 119th/284th 6:27:54
Andy Keffer 23rd (40-49)
Will Wolff 16th??? (20-29)
Damon Wagner ??? (SS)

Lucas Marshall - Mechanical
Robert Thornton - Mechanical
Dave Averill - Crash, I'm so glad you're not hurt, gnarly

Didn't get a photo of the men's 20-29 results and these were all the names I recognized. As you can see all the Nebraska peeps rode super solid considering there were over 500 starters. Congrats to all!!!


scott showen said...

Everyone needs to do this race at least once.

Super fun weekend.

mw said...

nice results!

Single_Speeder said...

They had my time posted twice on the board, should be 6 hours 11 min. 28th not sure overall.

MOD 2.0 said...

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Mike Miles said...

4:53 good enough for 11th in 20-29.

Single_Speeder said...

Yeah I was kind of hoping they would too. They didn't. WAH wah.