Friday, August 6, 2010

What's that thing with fat tires?

Wow! Last night I think I did maybe my second TNR of the year and boy did it feel weird riding the ballooner. With all the early season rain followed by the mega heat and humidity I haven't really felt the urge to ride off-road a whole heck of a lot. In fact, just last night I un-clipped my Psycowpath number plate which has been attached since Swanson. Yes, Swanson, as in, that bike race that happened back on May 2.

Last night was pretty good. Rafal and I got an easy first lap in, then we were joined by Jeremy, Kev and others on our second. Kev and I ramped it up a little bit for lap three by which time Jesse had made it up from Lincoln to bust out a fourth. One thing is for sure, I need more dirt time heading into the 5-O, and I think I've found the solution.

Post ride food was one of the better dinners company wise. Before we knew it, it was quarter to eleven.

There's quite a bit going on this weekend as reported by GamJams Midwest, none of which I'll be taking part in. Me? Well, it's off to Wisco for our annual pilgrimage to Madison for Trek World. This year will be a little different as we kick off the trip with the Centurion Gran Fondo. I've never had the chance to really ride the roads of Wisconsin, but if it's as good as they say I'm going to stoked. The roads are my kind of roads and I'm looking forward to the thousand foot climbs. Rouleur?

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Single_Speeder said...

Uh... Ponca dude. Remember, that time you forcibly removed some legs up north. And then I had Mexican food with bacon. Mmmm...