Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Active recovery vs. uh...sitting on your ass?

Pros / Cons...GO!


Mike Miles said...

Depends on what you are recovering from how sore the legs are, what you constitute as active recovery...

At the end of the day should probably be a combination of the two and I am a firm believer that you should have 1-2 days per week off the bike. Maybe that's why I'm not faster than I am though.


Jer said...

I agree with Mike...1-2 days off per week. I tend to try and take monday off after a good series of weekend rides to rest the legs.

Use active recovery during the week in between hard interval days.

Use a foam roller and stretch on monday!

munsoned said...

I'd like to see a study done where the same person does a training regimen in 4 parts - 1 with sitting on his butt between hard days, 2 with wearing compression stockings on recovery days, 3 with active recovery rides, and 4 with active recovery rides and compression socks.

Could be interesting.

MOD 2.0 said...

That would be a good one Munson.

I ask because I always seem to go better with actual time off the bike. However, I always hear about folks doing easy spins and riding every day.

I love Monday / Friday off, sometimes Thursday too if I really feel tired. Then sleep in compression tights every night.

Mike Miles said...

That's a lot of variables Munson, but it could be an entertaining multi-year study with a good sample size, say 50 like minded athletes. I know 30 should prove validity but the duration is such that you need to build in a buffer against losses of subjects. Still a lot of variables to isolate.

Mod, I go better the 2nd day after rest day and I race better if I go extremely hard the day before a race. I mean like race a crit and suck then race again on Sunday. Omaha weekend was a good example...until it was like a scene from a war film.

RF said...

Many riders don't ride easy enough on their "active recovery" days, and hence it may not seem effective.

Watching a power meter, doing an "active recovery" ride to Ft Calhoun, it was amazing how many times my wattage went up to 400watts for a 10-20 seconds, but my heart never had time to elevate out of zone 2. If I was looking at HR alone, I would think I was going "easy enough" but power data tells a different story.

Coach Jason has defined my active recovery days for me as such: "ride only the keystone, small ring, and be sure to get passed by at least one hybrid bike with aerobars."

I do a full day off once a week as well. And like MMiles, I race better when I get some short intensity in the day prior.

mw said...

i am on constant active recovery