Monday, August 2, 2010

One mile up, 115 miles across

Enjoyed another great weekend on the bike. Hit the CX training ground Saturday AM with Paul and Brady. This week was a bit tougher on account that they had mowed the park which left grass clippings everywhere. So many that the fork and deraileur pulleys where well clogged after 3 laps. We still managed to get our work in and then some. Upon our return I set about on the clean up process.

Pulled that large clump of grass from my cogset. It was pretty bad.

Sunday, Rafal, Anne and I headed out for some sweet PRSP bacon. Met up with MG and Chris at Platte for grub then headed our separate ways. A few miles later Anne flicked her bars and headed north while Rafal and I continued east to Plattesmouth.

What came next was some of the best gravel I've ever ridden. We hit a sweet section of MMR on Ashland road and found some awesome rollers and steep climbs south of Glenwood. Most of the miles were put in on the Loess Hills Waubonsie loop, gorgeous terrain, definitely my new playground.

We ended the day with 115 miles and 5k of climbing, and that was after cutting the ride short. Next weekend is the Centurion Gran Fondo in Wisco with even more climbing, should be pretty cool.

Heading out

Checking the iPhone map reader, yep, Ashland Rd.

Plattesmouth toll bridge

Killer climb at mile 60, 10-12% for about 3/4 mile.

Waubonsie loop rollers

Glenwood refuel, Snickers, Coke, Jerky

The Mighty Mo' is about 10 feet above normal


RD said...

I still stand by my "s$$t" comment when I saw that hill... Thanks for great ride we need to go back there again.

jono said...

Looks like a solid ride. Sad I missed out. I'll be able to swing the next one (I hope). Good work boys

Cornbread said...

It's always a great day when you find some new gravel goodness.

MOD 2.0 said...

Jonathan, you missed a good one.

Cornbread, you have to get up here. You'd freak out it's so good.

Wholesome Steel-Cut Goodness said...

Katherine and I drove the Waubonsie loop as part of the Loess By-Way route to Hamburg IA on Saturday. I was thinking the same thing Rafal said when I saw that hill just outside of Glenwood.

Perhaps a Waubonsie State Park GranFondo should be in the making. 124 mile round trip from Wolners.

jono said...

Good work, brady. Let's do it. First week in September?

MOD 2.0 said...

Brady, I have a similar route but it goes south on the Nebraska side and is mostly gravel north from Waubonsie.

mw said...

man, i need to get up there for some mod-ness

brady said...

Sounds good Mark.

Still, a good stretch of Bluff drive was paved along the Iowa side; need to do some more scouting to see if a route could be put together with minimal gravel.

MOD 2.0 said...

Brady, don't you mean maximal gravel?

MG said...

good seein' you guys out there mod.