Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More from Gravel Worlds

Just how tight was it? Mike and mines average speeds were just a half mile an hour apart, or 6 seconds a mile. The difference between Ian and I was even less. No wonder I was paranoid all day I'd get caught.

And now, more photos.

Dale Pinkleman ~ 5th place, sipping a beer at the last Oasis
Kevin Burke ~ 6th place, 3 flats a crash, two cokes and pushing on.
Dave Averill, looking good, feeling good.
The lead SS group re-charging, Chris Hansen ~ SS World Champion, Jesse Peterson, Eric Finks.
The real heros, the saviors at the last Oasis.


mw said...

that picture of dave getting his feet cooled is great!

Cornbread said...

The SDA pic makes me smile.

sda said...

feeling good? perhaps. looking good? well of course ;).

that was hard. that was fun. that was good hard fun. thanks Cornbread!

nice riding Mod!

MG said...

good stuff... hey, nice racin' saturday mod. i thought you were gonna' pull the win off, but finishing second to mike is no shame. that guy is an animal. great ride!


Haro said...

Mod, a few questions if I may please?

What did you do for chainlube, and did you reapply during the race at all?

Was the course marked? How in the world did you know where to turn for 150 miles?

Was this fully self supported, or were those "oasis's" you refer to places you could refill your bottles I assume? Did they have food to?

MOD 2.0 said...

Haro. I used T9, no need to re-apply. Cornbread and crew had cue sheets that gave you the direction of the turn, road name and approx. mileage of the turn.

There were 3 checkpoint thats were at small town gas stations, about every 35-45 miles. At each checkpoint you had to by a Nebraska Powerball ticket to prove you were there and then you could also re-fill on supplies. For me it was straight water all day, I started with 8 packs of GU gel and a Pro Bar in my pocket and bought a Snickers and a can of Coke at that last checkpoint in Hickman.

Volunteers also had two Oasis' set up too that were voluntary stops.