Thursday, August 19, 2010

CX practice, week one

Dang, forgot my camera. Words only then. I think I forgot how painful cyclocross can be. It was a big eye opener for everyone that came out. We couldn't have had a more perfect evening though. Nine of us got a good burn going and the new training ground is getting worn in.  Lots of rusty legs on the barriers but the flow will come back quickly.

The course turned out pretty good. I'd like to add a bit more distance to it. Maybe over the next couple weeks, it's hard enough as it is.

I'm pretty happy with my starts, so that's a plus. Dismounts are good, remounts are a bit rusty and then there's the sustained efforts. Need some big work on that. But, that's what the next 5 weeks are all about.

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Rad-Renner said...

Note to anyone trying to follow Mark's wheel: it's gonna hurt.