Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tired legs coming around

Chris getting into drop bars, pretty good huh buddy?

First up, boy are my legs tired. After a weekend of hard racing followed by a nice spin with Anne, Chris and Sarah my legs were still thrashed last night at the Wednesday worlds. The upside is that my legs were trashed but I could still manage to stay with the front group and even follow and instigate attacks. The ride last night was crazy. Flooded roads out by boyer chute left us riding through 2-3 inch deep water for a 100 feet or so as it flooded over into the next field. After decades on the bike you can still experience new stuff.

Next we have the who's who. Ryan Feagan is effing flying right now going into the Fire Cracker. There were a couple of points last night where I was perfectly fine just sitting on his wheel. Another ripper was Mike Miles who's leaner and meaner and on the come back trail. Watch out Cat 4's (?), Mike's coming for blood and looking leaner than I've ever seen him. And last but not least, Brady Murphy! was drilling us into the tarmac, sore shoulder and all. Welcome back buddy.

So where has all this fun left me? Well, I've decided that the 1:3 rule is pretty legit. One day off the bike takes three days to get it back. I was off the bike for 11 days in Panama, so I figured 30+ days to get back to where I was. Last night was the 20th day post trip and the legs and heart rate were much much better. I'm pretty interested to see what next week will be like.

In other race news...

If you are planning on racing the Dakota 5-O you better get over there and register, they're capping it at 500 this year. It's the best Gran Fondo VTT you'll ever ride.

In other non-race news...

Friday night is the first Biklops screen print show at Screen Ink in Lincoln. Looks like there will be some pretty cool prints, and even cooler people there.

Big weekend of riding planned too. Four day weekend awaits, GO!

Anne putting in her plug for another Trek Travel trip next year.


bryan said...

Jesus, Mark. Teach Chris how to put clothes on next time. It's not a frickin' grab-bag.

Single_Speeder said...

Sorry, not pro enough? Holy crap is that hair on those legs? We should get this guy back on a mountain bike where he belongs.